Calcium Hydroxyapatite

Calcium Hydroxyapatite Formula (CaHA) is a biomaterial with over 30 years of clinical use in orthopedics, neurosurgery, dentistry, ophthalmology and otolaryngology.

The Calcium hydroxyapatite dermal filler manufacture by Calcium Hydroxyapatite Manufacturer is composed of nonporous Calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres with particle diameters ranging from 25 to 45 p. The microspheres are suspended in a gel consisting of water, glycerin and sodium carboxymeth-ylcellulose. The calcium apatite dermal filler are sterile, apyrogenic injections, semi-solid, biodegradable dermal implants, intended for sub-dermal and deep dermal use. The implant is comprised of synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) microspheres (55.7%, particle sizes: 25-45 microns), suspended in an aqueous carrier gel.

Mode of action:
Following implantation, the Calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres form a scaffold supporting fibroblast ingrowth, which gradually replaces the carrier vehicle over a 2-3 month period. As the fibroblasts proliferate, they generate collagen fibers. Over time, the calcium hydroxyapatite is dissolved into calcium and phosphate ions though normal metabolic processes. By this time, a natural and physically sound matrix will have typically been established, providing the skin with the desired thickness and elasticity.

Product Configuration:
2 syringes of 1.25 ml, instructions for use, needles.



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