Dr. Korman Laboratories Ltd. develops manufactures and sells dermal fillers and bio-revitalization products based on hyaluronic acid. The company has already developed products in the field of orthopedics, and is also focusing on entering the market with ophthalmologic products.

Dr. Korman Laboratories Ltd. is a privately held company situated in Northern Israel and successfully operates in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Compliance with current international standards and current regulatory requirements is our permanent focus, thus ensuring a product of high quality and efficiency, patient safety and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Korman Laboratories Ltd.'s well-known quality of it's products is the result of extensive R&D activities as well as having our own manufacturing facility and in-house testing capabilities.

Dr. Korman Laboratories Ltd's business strategy is the development and manufacturing of products exclusively under the customer's "Private Label TM". We offer products based on customer's demands allowing them to enter the market, alongside with world leading manufacturers.

The groundwork for the success of such a collaboration in this field, is the development of efficient and safe products that comply with international quality standards as well as international and national regulatory requirements.

6 steps
to private
Contract agreement and sign-off
Design Freeze
Approval of product requirements and pricing estimation
Creating the portfolio of your individual line of product


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Kiryat Bialik, 2751123 Israel

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Tel.: +972-(0) 46893931

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